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Mayors Task Force on Youth Safety



The Mayor's Task Force on Youth Safety Policy Advisory Committee (Mayor's Task Force) is a collaborative involving elected officials, local community-based organizations, schools, faith community, local law enforcement. It includes a Technical Resource Committee made up of agencies that deal specifically with at-risk youth in the City of Santa Maria by developing a strategic plan to reduce youth violence and address youth safety.  The role of the Technical Resource Committee would be to collaborate with existing service providers and leverage existing resources to develop strategic partnerships in which to implement the vision and the goals of the Mayor's Task Force.


The Policy Advisory Committee is made up of elected officials, community leaders, and key stakeholders.  The Technical Resource Committee is to be comprised of key staff member(s) from those agencies represented on the Mayor's Task Force, as well as other community agencies that provide programs and/or services for youth. 

List of those invited participants on the Mayor's Task Force on Youth Safety 

Meeting Schedule:

Agenda for May 15, 2017     Presentation of May 15, 2017        Notes from meeting of May 15, 2017
Agenda for April 24, 2017     Presentation of April 24, 2017       Notes from Meeting of April 24, 2017

Next meeting: Monday, May 15, 2017 at 8:30 a.m. at Shepard Hall in the Public Library.


May 24, 2017: Existing Violence Prevention Efforts for Catalogue

February 7, 2017: City Council Agenda Report: Formation of the Mayor's Task Force (Policy Advisory Committee) on Youth Safety

News Releases:

April 24, 2017: Mayor's Task Force on Youth Safety Begins to Meet

Staff LiaisonTeresa Reyburn, Recreation Services Manager
(805) 925-0951 extension 2269