Cowboy Poetry Contest

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Congratulations to the Winners of the 2nd Annual Cowboy Poetry Contest

May 2017
Open to ages 18 and under

  Sponsored by the Santa Maria Public Library Foundation



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Grades K-3

1st Place –Senna K., second grade

On the Plain

When you are on the desert plain

You think everything looks the same

But when you see a snake,

Don’t quake

For you are brave and strong,

You are a Cowboy!


2nd Place –Giovani M.F., first grade


Fast, furious

Fighting, shooting, rustling

Rides in the rodeo



3rd Place – Felipe R-L., first grade



Rough, tough

Fighting, shooting, rustling

Rideson on a fast horse


Grades 4-6

1st Place – Elexa H., sixth grade

The Tumbleweeds Roll

In Cuyama

The tumbleweeds


The prickly bush

Is pointy

And they are


With lots of prickers.

They roll

Along the highway 166,

And get caught in the fence.

They can take to the sky

And fly...

And they float into space,

They fly into the clouds,

And then come crossing back down.

And once it lands

It will lose a few


But they will come back

After all

They will still roll. 


2nd Place – Brisa L., sixth grade


Horses are full of energy.

They are fast, smart, cute!

Everytime I see them,

I fall in love!

Everytime I ride, I feel happy.

When I see them,

They are lovely...

That's why I love horses!

When I see them galloping through the field,

Their hair flying with the wind... 


3rd Place – Anthony F., sixth grade

The Cuyama Sun

In Cuyama the heat of the sun

Strikes the land,

Where the land needs a hard working hand.

People are ready to work when the sun rises up,

But sometimes they can't get up.

Struggling in the tremendous heat,

The workers begin to feel weak.

The brightness of the sun blinds their vision,

What can they do to complete their mission.

Finally the workers go home to get some rest,

And hope that the sun won't be at its best!

Sometimes in Cuyama the strong sun,

Isn't really that fun.


Grades 7-8

1st Place – Lesly B., eighth grade.

Small Speck

As we entered Cuyama from Fresno,

We passed vineyards full of delicious, sweet grapes,

Trees full of cherry blossoms slowly blooming for the day,

Peaches sweet as can be, for summer was near.


Those enormous, colorful hills we tend to call mountains.

The beautiful cumulus clouds full of happiness in the sky above,

For a sight like that, we never had back in the city.

The city full of monstrous machines and giant buildings.


At night the streetlights fill the night, making it day again.

As for the country, only the moon lights up the night sky.

Loud noises fill the city's air all through the days of life,

But not here. All you hear, here is the happy melody of crickets.


One does not get used to all the differences in one night,

But once you get to the country, your breath is taken away,

The magical scenery right in front of you.

After living in the country for years, you get used to the views.


Nothing seems as breath-taking as the first time you saw those clouds,

Not just the clouds but the moon, the stars, the mountains, everything.

The first time you inhaled the sweet pine aroma,

Like when the rain hits the dirt leaving the air smelling like Heaven.


You may get bored of the scenery and long for something new,

You may go back to the city and be amazed by the crowded streets,

The new faces in the crowds, and the monstrous machines,

From being used to knowing everyone's face and smile...


Tourists just thinking Cuyama is just a speck of land,

Without realizing that the small speck of land is so much more.

But, trust me, you will grow tired of crowded places and different faces.

You will miss the aromas that the country produces.


The birds singing you to wake up in the mornings,

The night sky illuminated by the peaceful moon.

You will return and realize that you were always home,

Realizing where your home really is,

Where you truly belong,

In that speck of land. 


2nd Place –Isaiah J., seventh grade

Cowboys on Quads

Cowboys on quads

High technology roping

Too smart, super-cowboys

Driving, steering, pursuing

Wrong, modern, clothing, camping

Cowboys on quads 


3rd Place – Naya S., eighth grade.

Peace of the West

The mountains, the stars,

The peace without many cars.

I love the quiet in the darkness,

Because chaos is a complete mess.

The flowers in the field,

Are like the ground's own shield.

The warmth of the sunlight,

The breeze of the dark night.

It's like we're in our own world,

Where we have peace, like everyone should.